About The Company

Boulder Peak Capital is a specialized real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition, reposition, and operations of real estate assets designed to create long-term wealth. The executive team leverages years of institutional industry experience to identify investment opportunities, and then takes a hands-on approach to asset management, construction oversight, and property operations. Boulder Peak’s management team has over 40 years of combined experience throughout multifamily operations and capital markets which plays a key role in the firm’s conservative nature. We maintain strict focus on each individual investment to ensure the portfolio is positioned to withstand the test of time. 

Our Company

We are a highly motivated, relationship driven organization that takes great pride in every aspect of our business. From the tenant experience all the way through to our investment’s capital structure, BPC is driven to create value through hard work, efficiency, and a relentless pursuit to achieve best-in-class results. 

BPC prides itself on developing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our investors, brokers and banking partners. We have strong banking and equity relationships which help us to make decisions quickly and perform with surety of close. 

Investment Sourcing

Utilize years of experience and sophisticated network to identity opportunities that deliver attractive risk adjusted returns.

Asset Management

Complete oversight of operations and direct principal investment into each property.

Construction Oversight

We use our in-house construction team to ensure projects are completed on-time and under budget.

Investor And Resident Satisfaction

We strive to exceed expectations for our investors and our tenants!
Track Record

59% Net IRR | 2.11x Net MOIC   | $205,675,000 of transactions

Across our realized investments, we have achieved an average net IRR to investors of 59% and a net MOIC of 2.11x.

“Nothing contained in the historical results summary or in the case study should be relied upon to predict future performance. BPC does not, and can not, guarantee or assure the results of any future BPC investment.”