Boulder Peak Capital

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Commercial Real Estate Investment Platform

BPC is a Texas-based investment platform with Institutional expertise focused on identifying attractive opportunities for long-term wealth creation. We primarily focus on multifamily acquisitions and management, while maintaining flexibility to explore additional disciplines.

BPC was created to bring institutional ideals direct to investors. Gaining access to large platforms can be challenging, and they generally offer limited investor insight into the process. Boulder Peak offers institutional sophistication with the approachability of a boutique private equity firm.

Track Record

59% Net IRR | 2.11x Net MOIC   | $205,675,000 of transactions
Across our realized investments, we have achieved an average net IRR to investors of 59% and a net MOIC of 2.11x.

“Nothing contained in the historical results summary or in the case study should be relied upon to predict future performance. BPC does not, and can not, guarantee or assure the results of any future BPC investment.”

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